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Talent Hunter, our flexible, robust Applicant Tracking System, is customized to your workflow. Our Candidate Experience enables easy communication with your talent base. Talent Input processes resumes into concise talent profiles.

full featured ATS


Talent Hunter

Our full-featured ATS lets you create hot-lists of active or passive candidates and track them to your requisitions in a couple of clicks. Communicate with your whole team using our world class Email Transaction Technology.


Talent Hunter ATS Features
Resume Processing
  • Auto-extraction of fielded data
  • View and share original documents
  • Unlimited documents per candidate
  • New resumes funneled to appropriate reqs
  • Dedicated email inbox for inbound resumes
  • Duplicate Management
  • Other Features
  • Customizable tracking workflow
  • Reports and manager metrics
  • Branded email templates
  • Impersonation and Delegation
  • Different views based on security login
  • Auto-posting of reqs to careers site
  • Social media sharing
  • Email Transactions
  • Outlook meeting requests for Interviews
  • Requisition and Manager Approvals
  • Offer process and letter generation
  • Automated batch emails (ex: No Thankyou Emails)
  • Searching and Lists
  • Powerful conceptual searching
  • Auto-save of recent searches and lists
  • List management; track lists to reqs
  • Branded email campaigns to lists

  • online applications and more


    Candidate Experience

    Let us bring your careers site up-to-date, and handle all of your key interactions with your talent base. Use Email Transactions to gather all the necessary information to complete each talent profile.


    Candidate Experience Features
    Careers Site
  • Branded and hosted by PeopleCapital to fit seamlessly with your website
  • Candidates can apply for multiple requisitions
  • Candidates can upload multiple original documents
  • Dedicated email inbox for inbound resumes (ex: from job boards)
  • Employee Referral tracking
  • Duplicate Management
  • Email Transactions
  • Requested documents or references automatically added to the talent profile
  • Add-ons to automate your employment application, assessments, and more
  • Automate "No Thankyou" Emails for rejected candidates

  • resume parsing and extraction


    Talent Input

    Do you only require help with resume processing? Talent Input is the answer. Install this custom tool on your network to handle your incoming resumes and other documents. Automated data extraction and more.


    Talent Input Features
    Document Processing
  • Securely install on your own internal network
  • Monitor multiple folders or email inboxes for resumes or other documents
  • Auto-extraction of fielded data such as name, contact info, education etc.
  • Write resume and fielded data into your back-end database
  • Write fielded data in other formats such as XML

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    Data Migrations

    Data Migrations

    Custom Development

    Custom Development

    We can help analyze your recruiting processes and suggest robust solutions!

    Automate data flow between your back-end systems.

    Let us help move your data from one place to another.

    We don't have it? We will build it! Quickly and inexpensively.

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    PeopleCapital has been around since 2003! We have worked closely with our valued clients in many industries over the years. Let us put our dedication and years of experience to work for your organization's recruiting needs!

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    Outsourced Recruiting Home Building Business Solutions Architecture Finance Database

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