PeopleCapital focuses on the activities that should happen before a personnel requisition is created. Recruiters using the PeopleCapital functionality can build a pre-qualified pipeline of talent and dramatically reduce the time-to-hire.

Integrated contact management facilitates initiating, building and maintaining relationships with potential candidates while identifying soft skills and company fit information. Recruiters can proactively create “short lists” of qualified, interested and motivated candidates thus eliminating the current ‘open-a-requisition and wait’ method of employee recruiting.

Leveraging the PeopleCapital capabilities provides companies with a key element in workforce planning and reacting to changes in business. Pre-qualified lists of potential candidates can be created as a result of projected workforce need or potential opportunities.

Because these pre-qualified lists are dynamic they can be used against multiple job openings and retain the history of each applicant. The information from an applicant that was previously considered for an opening can be used for a new opening or applicants that are not finding success or are no longer available can be removed from the list completely. PeopleCapital can also track passive candidates and can be used to strategically profile or target a company.


  • Outlook Integration for Interview Scheduling
  • Conceptual searching with Engenium™
  • Intelligent Search
  • Incoming candidate resumes are automatically matched with most relevant open positions and ranked accordingly
  • Highlighting of native documents
  • Duplicate Management
  • Impersonation and Delegation
  • Drag and Drop Department Structure
  • Security Management: Security Groups, Manager View, field-level security
  • List and Search Management: Auto-saving and explicit saving of Lists and Searches
  • Offer process and Offer Letters
  • Running Start on Hires
  • Enterprise Reporting with Active or Crystal Reports
  • Contact Activities and Tracking Activities


Designed for managers and decision-makers who can be a part of the hiring process without a license. Send a resumè or assessment score data to someone for approval and have the corresponding information stored in PeopleCapital all without logging in.

E-mail Transactions: Easy task completion for non-login users for the following processes:

  • Job Requisition approval
  • Manager review
  • Interview Feedback
  • Offer approval
  • Running Start

The most cost effective way to expand and record candidate feedback. No need to purchase 1000’s of licenses for managers who will never log on.

PEOPLECAPITAL — An Applicant Tracking System built with Recruiters, for Recruiters