PeopleCapital automates the entire staffing process of finding, evaluating and hiring employees. It combines the best features of applicant tracking and recruiting applications with contact management and organization charting tools to help companies manage all of their staffing needs and implement a world-class staffing process.

The core modules include:
Talent Experience
Talent Hunter


  • Decreased cost per hire, concurrent with increased quality
  • Quicker access to more and better qualified candidates
  • Better matching of candidates to work
  • Elimination of expenses associated with resume processing
  • More accurate data used to improve the staffing process further and cut costs
  • More effective internal sourcing and redeployment


The foundation of PeopleCapital’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution is an XML-based technology platform (in it’s 3rd major release) that provides a 360° view of the talent within an enterprise across the entire talent lifecycle.

To provide this view PeopleCapital created what it refers to as a Talent Profile. A Talent Profile encapsulates information about an individual (skills, experience, performance, preferences, resume, white papers, etc.) that is indexed and searchable and can be grouped with other Talent Profiles to make up a candidate Talent Pool or within an organization by department, project, and group.

PeopleCapital’s platform is built upon a scalable platform of technologies delivered as a hosted ASP solution (no software to install). This allows PeopleCapital to provide flexible business solutions that immediately solve organizational pain and deliver ROI.

PeopleCapital’s HCM platform also enables the intellectual property of others (e.g., assessment tests, employee surveys, policy management tools, etc.) creating unprecedented and unique value-added capabilities.

PEOPLECAPITAL — An Applicant Tracking System built with Recruiters, for Recruiters